About Us

We are a company that specializes in making premium automotive detailing products in the USA.  Our company is based out of Columbia South Carolina and we are on a mission to change the automotive detailing industry for the better.  Over the years the world has gradually left out a couple of the most important properties of products. These properties are quality and customer service.  Mr. Auto and our team are making changes and plan to bring quality and person-ability back to the customer -- because you deserve it! This is especially relevant when cleaning, adding upgrades, or maintaining your true love, your baby, your one and only… your automobile.  Nothing brings someone closer to their vehicle than going into the garage and setting eyes on a beautifully cleaned and upgraded automobile with quality and high end accessories. By purchasing from Mr. Auto you will be guaranteed high quality items, great customer service, a life long reliable company for all things auto, and an intuitive team that will never give up until our customers are 100% satisfied.  Our mission is to stand behind our products and make sure that no matter what, the customer will be happy with their purchase. Come shop with us and we will show how customer service and quality products will make your life easier and more enjoyable.



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